Which is for You, Hybrid or Electric?

2022 GMC Hummer EV driving


If you’re a Gas City or Wabash driver looking to take your driving experience into the modern era and beyond, you may be surprised to find that there’s a larger-than-expected number of options available in the form of hybrid and electric vehicles. Even better, the list of these specific types of vehicles from manufacturers like Buick, GMC is growing every year. But, of course, this brings the question forward: “hybrid vs. electric, which is right for you?” The team at Greg Hubler Buick GMC has you covered with a quick breakdown of the core similarities and differences when it comes to hybrid vs. electric car options on the market today. Keep reading to learn more, and be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments!



Hybrid Cars vs. Electric Cars | Basics & Benefits

In the following paragraphs, we’re going to cover the benefits, similarities, and differences worth noting when it comes to hybrid cars vs. electric cars. After learning these basics, it’ll be time for the exciting process of picking a new hybrid or electric model to bring home to your Hartford City garage! Keep reading to discover what you need to know first:

Hybrid Cars

Even though we may tout the futuristic nature of hybrid and electric cars, it’s worth mentioning that hybrid vehicles are still powered by gasoline. Unlike a traditional gas-powered vehicle, though, hybrid cars, trucks, and SUVs are also reliant upon a secondary battery and electric motor for power. The gas engine and electric motor work in tandem to provide power and impeccable fuel economy to your Greentown commutes.

Aside from the excellent MPG ratings,hybrid cars also provide the benefit of an easier transition into the electric/hybrid world, when coming from a fossil fuel powered vehicle. The battery used to power this motor is also internally recharged, so there’s no need for an external charging source, unless you’re talking specifically about a plug-in hybrid, that is!

Electric Cars

An electric vehicle, also commonly referred to as an EV, is powered entirely by the energy provided by one or more electric motors. The battery that powers this system is much larger than those found in hybrid cars, as this battery obviously plays a much bigger role in the operation of the vehicle upon every use. Aside from the commonly discussed environmental benefits of EVs, there’s also the perks of near-instantaneous torque and the quietest ride of any vehicle you’ve experienced before.

Compare Hybrid vs. Electric Cars at Greg Hubler Buick GMC

No matter if you’ve decided upon a hybrid vs. electric car, or if you’re still working to make up your mind, the team at Greg Hubler Buick GMC has got you covered with expert insight, supreme customer service, and deals that’ll blow you away! Check out our rotating cycle of money saving New Car Specials!


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